Let someone else pay for you

Safe, secure & free

How it works

You order

Add your products

Enter your shipping details

Share your YouPay link

Wait for the payer to pay

They pay

Payer clicks your YouPay link

Payer makes the payment

Payer never sees personal details

Order is shipped to recipient

Why YouPay?

More buying power

Share a YouPay link and let someone else take care of the payment for you.

It's safe and secure

Your private information is never shared with your buyer. Buyer details are never shared with receivers.

YouPay for everyone


Safely and securely pick the gifts you want – let someone else pay for it.


Safely educate your children – let your children buy online – you approve and control the payment.

Reward Points

Never miss out on rewards – even if someone else is paying for you, you still get the loyalty points.

YouPay for sellers

Offer YouPay in your online shop and dramatically increase your payment options.

More Sales

Your customers can now buy products they previously could not afford

Simple Setup

YouPay works with your existing payment gateways

Double Customers

Double your customers per transaction (Recipient and Payer details)

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