Add YouPay to your website and empower your customers to buy more

You Order. They Pay.

The only payment option that separates the recipient from the payer, securely and privately.

1. Order placed

Your customers shop & select YouPay at checkout

2. YouPay link shared

A YouPay link is shared with the person paying

3. Order paid for

Payer pays for the order via YouPay link

1. Order placed​

Your customers shop & select YouPay at checkout​

2. YouPay link shared​

A YouPay link is shared with the person paying

3. Order paid for

Payer pays for the order via YouPay link​

The New Payment Option

YouPay is the new 3rd payment option that every checkout needs.

YouPay is free for shoppers & merchants & easy to setup!

When customers don't have the funds to pay, YouPay steps in and
allows someone else to pay with a quick and easy transaction.

Slash Your Abandoned Cart Rates

YouPay is for the 80% of your customers who abandon their cart.

No Fees

We partner with your existing payment providers such as PayPal and Stripe. Pay the same transaction fees you already pay. YouPay adds value with no extra cost.

More Sales

YouPay makes gifting easy, helps parents manage their children’s shopping while empowering charities to donate products that make a difference.

2 Customers For 1

The data speaks for itself; the shopper is not always the payer. For the first time ever you can market directly to the shopper and the payer as unique entities.

YouPay works with:
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Customers can pay using your store's existing payment options. Examples include:

Generate More Leads

Double your customers

Without YouPay, you’re only capturing one customer at a time. Once you add YouPay to your store, you’ll be able to capture twice as many customers – you’ll capture the Recipient (the person placing the order) and the Payer (the person paying for the order). That’s pretty powerful stuff!

Gain access to new types of customers

Those without access to payment options (e.g. children, low income individuals, charities, etc.) can now safely create their own orders with payment being verified and completed by parents, family, friends or supporters. That means more convenience than ever before and you’ll be able to tap into brand new audiences.



YouPay is 100% FREE for merchants and customers! Pay your regular transaction fees with no additional costs to offer YouPay!

Add YouPay to your store today

YouPay is completely FREE. Add YouPay to your checkout and let us bring new payers to the table!

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