Join us as we launch YouPay

The opportunity

We want to partner with the right people who are passionate about YouPay and the opportunity we have in front of us to introduce a new payment method to the world.

We need:

Brand Exposure

We need people to learn what YouPay is… and just like everyone knows what Afterpay is and anyone else in the Buy Now Pay Later space is referred to as “another Afterpay” we need people referring to our potential future competitors as “another YouPay”. Once we build this brand we want our customers to drive our growth, just as they did with Afterpay (e.g. people would request Afterpay at their favourite stores).

Merchants (Sellers)

We need exposure to major retailers. An ideal board member or investor would be someone with extensive experience and connections in retail to help us get into as many stores as possible. We actually just need one big fish to make us explode. E.g. if we got into Harvey Norman / EB Games / JB Hifi we’d take off quickly.

Target audiences

Gift Givers

Adult Industry



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