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Come and join us as we introduce
Shared Payments to the world.

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Our mission

The financial wellness of the next generation drives YouPay

We are on a journey to create a more financially aware society. This is a very ambitious goal but we are a team of innovative people with the technology to achieve this.

Welcome to Shared Payments.

At YouPay we believe everyone should be able to share their shopping experiences, not just their credit card details. Through safety and trust, we are building a new way of shopping, a way where your support network is empowered to actually support you. A way for the better, where external funding at the checkout, is not connected to institutional debt.

New ways of working, different models of delivery and industry disruption – these are some of the elements of our design-driven culture where your input will be key to the success of our company.

What are you waiting for? Come and join us!

Our values

Be the champion
of the change

We are not here to keep pushing the same old financial ideas, let’s change how shopping is done together.


​Our journey towards financial wellbeing
starts with you

Hybrid from home &
in the office work

We have a 50/50 model, but
it’s up to you to ultimately decide how
much time you want to spend
in the office.

Generous parental &
family leave

We aim for above industry standards
because our values are above them too.
We care about you and the ones
you care for.

life balance

Work hard, play hard... that's so 2008! We want you to bring your best self,
so we support you to be it with a balanced environment.

Creative, fun &
inclusive environment

Social work experiences are for some, but not everybody. We cater for interaction, but just enough for you to feel comfortable.

Future you

Learning &

Keep evolving and creating an even better version of yourself – that’s our mindset.

come and join us

Open roles,
hiring now

YouPay is seeking a new BDM

Business Development Manager

We’re actively seeking an exceptional sales person looking to join a young and dynamic team to drive merchant acquisition.

Principle Duties

Drive Revenue - Lead & Inspire a Team - Scale YouPay

Full stack developer - open role

Full Stack Developer

This is a full-time role, working in a great team, on a quest to scale our new, revolutionary addition to the global payments sector.

Principle Duties

Translating your user-experience driven mindset into functional code

YouPay is looking for a Marketing Specialist

Marketing Specialist

This opportunity is ideal for marketing specialist who is in the earlier stages of their marketing career.

Principle Duties

An eye for design, creative copywriting skills and strategic thinking with the ability to think ahead

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